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Crossfit 1490:
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CrossFit 1490 offers a well balanced community of friendships, results, and fun. We do this by providing top notch coaching and programming that is constantly varied. Meaning, our workouts systematically change exercises, tempo, repetitions, and weight.

These movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing, emphasizing technique over speed and quality versus quantity of repetitions for optimal results.

We offer universal scaling options for all ages and skill levels. It is about progressing your personal fitness level, whether it is your first time working out or you are an advanced athlete. Our vision at CrossFit 1490 is to educate, inform, and motivate a community around fitness and nutrition.

Workout Of The Day

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Pull Up Strength Work

10×3 Eccentric Pull Ups (3-5 second decent/negative) , Jump to the top of the bar so chin sits above bar

*Focus on straight line movement and control. Looking for smooth control, not speed*


5×10 Assisted Barbell Pull Up

*Light weight, focus on straight line motion

*Place weight on lap with feet on box.

Squat Clean

3 Rounds (All Singles)

-4 Squat Cleans (55-65%)

-3 Squat Cleans (65-75%)

-2 Squat Cleans (75-85%)

– rest 2minutes between sets –

Inside the Box

Get Your Sweat On

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