-Our 1 year anniversary is on Feb. 1 at 930-12. Please come out and celebrate 12 months of fitness and community!
-Make sure you fill out your personal and fitness goals on the blank kettlebells on the bar. It’s how we stay focused and encourage each other in the year 2020!!

CrossFit 1490 – CrossFit

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Minutes 0-5

-5 Tempo Negative HSPU

-10 Strict Toes to Bar

Minutes 5-10

-3 Wall Walks

-3 Gymnastics Complexes:

*1 strict c2b pull up

*1 strict pull up

*1 kipping pull up

*1 c2b pull up

*1 bar MU

Metcon (Weight)

“So your saying theres a chance?”

With a running clock for 8 min

-3 Deadlifts

-1 Hang Power Clean

-2 Front Squats

**score max load**