I have trained with Aaron for the past year, and he is always finding new ways to keep me motivated. He always makes sure I have proper form so that I don’t get injured. He is very knowledgeable on the foundations of fitness and teaching proper progression for movements and movement standards. Aaron is passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their goals. He makes coming to the gym fun, and I am lucky to have him as a coach!

Shannon Byrne

I’ve been training with Aaron for more than two years. Not only are his workouts challenging and technical but they are well thought out, and he makes them fun. The biggest thing for me, having been in CrossFit for over eight years now, is the programming behind the workouts. Aaron is one of the best at programming challenging workouts. Strength and conditioning days in the correct format allow his athletes to get a great workout while not breaking them down physically. He is also a great teacher and explains things to any skill level in terms they can understand. This allows for maximum gains and growth as an athlete. I’ve not worked out with anyone who is better at this mix. At the same time, he makes it fun and helps build a sense of community at the box! I’m excited to see what he does with his own facility and can’t wait for my first WOD at his new box!

Todd Faulkner

I was diagnosed with a rare degenerative bone condition at the age of 13 and received my first bone transplant at the age of 18. Chronic knee pain and muscle atrophy have been something I’ve struggled with my entire life, and as an avid athlete, it’s not only physically draining but emotionally as well.

Throughout the years, I’ve joined several CrossFit gyms in hopes of building strength. However, I was never properly coached, and my training did more harm to my body than good. When I met Aaron, I was three months away from having my 8th knee surgery, which consisted of a full knee replacement and patella rebuild, at just 29 years old.

In those months leading up to surgery, Aaron helped me build strength and stability throughout my body through amazing coaching. He was patient and was always so able at finding exercises that could be adapted to what MY body could do. I can honestly say that even though my knee was in the worst shape of its life at the time of surgery, my strength was stronger than it had ever been.

Now, I am just 6 weeks removed from a full knee replacement and am already able to train again with Aaron as a coach helping me focus on technique, form, and just having fun with it! I would recommend ANYONE to Aaron as a coach and trainer! No matter how out of shape or injured you may think you are, he has a coaching plan that will fit your abilities.

Jenny Johnson

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